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We have barn style stables for 10 horses, where they are able to socialise as well a window in each stable. Each stable has natural soil with pine shavings which ensures the stables remain dry and fly free.
No teff nets are used, as each stable is fitted with a plastic hay holder which is far healthier for the horse. It allows for improved teeth wear and stretches the spine amongst other things.
Knowledgeable and caring grooms taking care of your horse.
Horses are turned out daily in grass paddocks with hay adlib.
There is a sand arena 60x40 for jumping, dressage or western disciplines and shows.
A trotting / canter track runs around the arena and is perfect for a nice canter, to improve stamina or just having fun.
There is also an enclosed lunge ring.
There are various out ride routes in the surrounds , some longer than others which makes a Sunday out ride a great change to training or a busy work schedule, (for both rider and horse).

Each horse will be given a specific diet according to type of horse, work load etc.
Horses are fed 3 times per day with Teff at nights. There are 3 stabling packages available to suit the individuals needs.
Each paddock, of which there are 9 nine are planted with teff & grass and the horses are on a rotation program thus ensuring paddocks are always healthy with ample grazing.