Willingly guided with little or no resistance and completely dictated to by the rider

Description of Classes

WESTERN PLEASURE: The riders all compete together in the arena, they must demonstrate a walk, jog and lope to the left and to the right. At the end of the class the riders are asked to rein back. The calm manner of the horse and quick reaction to the aids given by the rider during transitions are judged. Penalty points are given for riding too fast and for the wrong gait or lead.

WESTERN HORSEMANSHIP: Is a competition where the capabilities of the rider are judged. There are two parts to the class, the first part the rider must complete an individual course that has been given to them before the class and the second phase where the riders must compete together to show the walk, jog and lope. The judge pays attention to the seat of the rider, their confidence and the manner in which they communicate with their horse.

WESTERN TRAIL: This class is similar to the working riding class, though the obstacles are similar to those you would find out on the trail. There are 3 mandatory obstacles, opening closing a gate, a backing obstacle and walking, jogging and/or loping over a pole or series of poles. The horse is judged on the willingness to follow the riders cues and manoeuvre through the obstacles smoothly. The horse will be penalized for refusing, hitting poles, misbehaviour etc

WESTERN REINING: This competition calls for the rider to demonstrate complete control of the horses every movement. The horse must complete a prescribed pattern (as in dressage) and the horse will be judged on neatness, manoeuvrability and obedience. Penalties are given for incorrect leads, breaking gait, resisting the riders cues etc. The rider will be disqualified if they fail to follow the correct pattern

Note: All patterns are typical examples